Associate Professor

Postdoctoral Fellowship

Operations, Data & Artificial Intelligence

Research topics

1. Data Science

2. Predictive Analytics

3. Big data pre-processing

4. Artificial Intelligence

5. Machine Learning

6. Data Governance

7. Digital Advertising and Marketing

Prices and awards

Postdoctoral Job offers
Harvard Business School & MIT
Adjunct Faculty appointment
Columbia University in the city of New York
Visiting Scholar
New York University, New York



  • Association for Information Systems (AIS)

Communications & Seminars

  • Ajay Kumar, Ravi Shankar, A Big Data Driven Framework for Optimizing the Marketing Mix ROI using Fuzzy Neural Neural Network, INFORMS Annual Meeting 2017, Houston, USA.
  • Ajay Kumar, Ravi Shankar, A MapReduce framework for churn prediction by managing data imbalance problem in telecom sector, INFORMS Annual Meeting 2015, Philadelphia, USA.
  • Ajay Kumar, Ravi Shankar, Roma Mitra Debnath, Framework for identifying like-Minded communities for measuring satisfaction utilizing Big Data Analytics, The Second ASE International Conference on Big Data Science & Computing , Stanford University (USA) on May 27-31 , 2014.