Equal opportunity

Echoing our equality policy in favor of more social diversity, we are implementing provisions with a purpose: making the world of higher education more accessible to people with difficulties or distanced from it. These actions aim at lifting student self-censorship by developing their ability to take in the whole range of possibilities opened to them, to build their professional tracks.

emlyon wants to make the world of higher education more accessible to people in difficulty or far away.

Lifting self-censorship: the “Cordées de la Réussite”

Since 2006, we have implemented five programs in high-schools and preparatory classes labeled as the “Cordées de la Réussite” by the French Ministry of Education. At emlyon, students in the Grande Ecole Program can support and guide students in preparatory classes, in secondary or high school, via this program:

  • The “Trait d'Union Multi-campus, Multi-Quartier” (TUMM) program: This program allows for high-schoolers to be tutored by the association Astuce-lycéens through different kinds of provisions. (Weekly tutoring, academic guidance, social and cultural diversity, summer school).
  • The “Trait d'Union Prépa” (TUP) program: This program provides support and guidance to students in preparatory classes with an STMG or a professional baccalaureate, through various actions, to secure students' access to the business schools they opted for and avoid dropping out. (Weekly tutoring, internship of preparation to the national competitive exam for business schools, social and cultural diversity, granting the merit-based scholarship “Tour de France des Prépas” by the emlyon Foundation).
  • L'ABC du Grand Oral (ABC): The objective of this “Cordée de la Réussite” is to help 12th-graders prepare for the new Baccalaureate oral exam, by favoring public speaking. (Weekly tutoring and competence development, academic orientation counseling, social and cultural diversity).
  • Orientation Culture je m'Active (OCA): This “Cordée de la Réussite” is for high schoolers in professional commerce and sales baccalaureates. The objective is to turn this track in a track of excellence just like the others. (Weekly tutoring, academic counseling, introduction to the business world).
  • Orientation Nouveaux Horizons (ONH): This program is for high schoolers in general track baccalaureates and those in rural area technological baccalaureates. Its objective is to provide support and guidance throughout long-term selective studies, and improve social and territorial diversity in business schools. (Weekly tutoring, academic counseling, competence development, social and cultural diversity).
Lifting self-censorship: the “Cordées de la Réussite” - emlyon business school

“Les Cordées de la Réussite” in a nutshell

“Les Cordées de la Réussite” in a nutshell - emlyon business school