They are the cornerstone of customized programs.. Acting both as facilitators and coaches, they accompany participants throughout their training journey through individual and group sessions. Presentation of their strategic roles.

To contemplate the transformation of organizations, it is essential to combine strategy and training. This is the whole challenge of the customized programs offered by emlyon business school: they start from the company's needs and strategic ambitions to design a tailored program, serving a profound transformation. These courses spread over several months target specific audiences within the company. This could include the Executive Committee, senior executives, managers, talents identified as 'high potentials,' or functional teams and employees.

200 Trainers mobilized per year

"We start with a thorough analysis of the company's real needs, constraints, and requirements, and implement innovative pedagogical resources combining online and face-to-face elements, theoretical inputs, practical exercises, and coaching. We create the best possible combination," summarizes Estelle Crouzet-Bruyère, project manager for customized programs at emlyon business school. This unconventional approach mobilizes Trainers for each program : 200 of them intervene annually within the 120 customized programs deployed by emlyon.

"They are more than just trainers; they are dedicated to a collective purpose and lead participants towards transformation. There is no typical profile for a Trainer, but they all have had a career in business, a life journey, a uniqueness that contributes to intellectually enriching the group and their development," details Estelle Crouzet-Bruyère."


A collective adventure serving transformation

Each Trainer oversees a group of 10 to 12 individuals throughout the duration of their training. Regular collective and individual sessions help establish a circle of trust and strong closeness. Together, they review their learnings and put concepts into practice. They share their successes, difficulties, and questions about applying them in their daily lives. The uniqueness of each Trainer emerges through group facilitation and sharing experiences. “It's about co-constructing with the participants. It's not 10 + 1 Trainer, but 11 people evolving together, embarking on this journey, and experiencing transformations,” explains Philippe Generat, Trainer for the customized training programs at emlyon business school.

The commitment is unwavering from both parties. “Our role is to turn the training journey into a true transformational journey. There is a lot of trust, a lot of support. There is genuine exchange. It's an inner journey for them and for us. As Trainers, we experience real moments of introspection and reflection on everything they bring up,” confirms Alain Julia, also a Trainer within the customized training programs.

Coordination between Trainers and the steering committee

The presence of Trainers is a true differentiating factor and contributes to the success of the programs. The coaches are in constant communication with the pedagogical teams of emlyon business school. Each Trainer, thanks to their knowledge and proximity to the group, reports on the progress and development underway during steering committee meetings. These exchanges are essential for monitoring, in a comprehensive manner, the consistency of the content and the progression of the cohorts. They ensure that the groups of participants have the same level of expectations around a common thread and similar practical scenarios. Especially considering that transformation takes time. It's a lengthy process that requires periods of infusion, digestion, and deconstruction of mental patterns.


This is the entire challenge of emlyon business school's customized training programs: a regularity of synchronous, asynchronous, online, and face-to-face learning to anchor new practices. "Whether it is with participants or pedagogical managers, we function as a real team. We are all highly committed, willing to engage with others, work together, and create synergies," emphasizes Claire Moreau, Trainer and pedagogical leader for emlyon business school's customized training programs.

At the end of the training sessions, strong bonds are formed between the Trainers and their cohorts. Everyone leaves deeply impacted by this adventure, both individually and collectively, and the participants are ready to initiate profound transformations in service of their organization's performance. All recognize that the programs disrupt, that there is a before and an after. Among the feedback from learners: "I felt quite comfortable, but I sensed there was a huge learning gap," "I gained closeness and confidence with my teams," "it exceeds my expectations," or "I transitioned from being a good manager to an inspiring leader."

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