emlyon business school's International MBA students are carefully curated for their diverse cultural and professional backgrounds and originate from many countries around the world. IMBA participants at emlyon business school are also known for their entrepreneurial mindset. Aiming to graduate from one of the most reputable business schools in France, these candidates are among the best valued candidates in the world, alongside other emlyon graduates.

This year's 2022-2023 cohort welcomed participants with no less than 16 nationalities. They were selected based on their academic capabilities, problem solving skills and professional experience. They have both management knowledge and the necessary soft skills required to succeed in their roles. Furthermore, many of these candidates boast multifarious experience across diverse domains such as engineering, science, law or arts, which has equipped them with the capacity to tackle intricate challenges.

La promotion IMBA de 2022-2023 se composent de participants de 16 nationalités différentes

These candidates can undertake the following assignments:

  • Providing practical and unbiased recommendations regarding strategic initiatives
  • Evaluating challenges within the industry and the market
  • Gathering inspiring ideas from other industries and implementing them within your business
  • Generating strategic alternatives

The process of recruiting international profiles can be challenging and demanding. To help you in the selection of the most fitting candidates for your global ventures, the emlyon Career Center team has complied a CV Book featuring profiles of their international candidates.

Equipped with proficiencies in diverse fields ranging from business development, product and supply chain management, finance, entrepreneurship, to marketing, International MBA graduates are well-suited to take on roles such as sales or marketing management, financial control, project management, international development oversight, brand growth analysis, CSR consultation, and more.

Unlock your global business potential with emlyon's International MBA candidates!

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