Professor level 1

Certified business coach

Innovation & Entrepreneurship


I teach strategy implementation at emlyon business school as part of the initial training and continuing education in companies. Previously I have held business development and management positions in SMEs, large groups and start-ups.
I am a consultant in business transformation and expansion.
I am passionate about Positive Deviance and its applications in business and education.

Certified business coach – European Business School
  • 1997: Ph.D in Management Sciences - University of Hamburg (dept. of Industrial Management)
  • MSc Marketing and Computer Sciences - University of Saarbrücken
2014 - Now: Professor Level 1, emlyon business school
  • Transformation Consultant (10 years) Automotive Industry, Automotive Suppliers, Aviation Industry, Industrial Automation, Transportation Systems, Telecommunications /Europe & USA
  • CEO, Bullith Batteries AG (high-tech start-up) /Germany & Switzerland