Lyon, 13th April 2020emlyon business school announces the appointment of Sylvie Jean as Director of the Grande Ecole Program.

Doctor in Management Sciences, Sylvie Jean is a professor and researcher in Marketing. She is leaving her position as Director of the Grande Ecole Program at NEOMA to join emlyon business school next early August.

With a 25 year experience in higher education and research, Sylvie will strengthen the ranks of the School's Executive Committee and those of the Grande Ecole Program. She is determined to contribute to our ambitious development strategy to sustain the excellence and attractiveness of emlyon via the Grande Ecole Program.

I would like to wish Sylvie a warm welcome at emlyon and the greatest success in her new position. I am confident that with her great expertise, her first-rate knowledge of the business school environment and her vision, she will consolidate the fundamentals of a new program model based on the “early makers” pedagogy, combining originality, hybridized competences, digitalization and academic excellence” declares Tugrul Atamer.

Lionel Sitz, who managed the program in the interim these past months, will continue to use his expertise and great knowledge of the School, for the betterment of the Grande Ecole Program, as Deputy Director in charge of Year 1.

I would like to thank Lionel warmly for his unfailing commitment within the program and the great work he is currently carrying out to provide students with the greatest support during the lockdown, to orchestrate the entrance examination and to organize the next back-to-school season” completes Tugrul Atamer.

About emlyon business school

Founded in 1872 by the Lyon CCI, emlyon business school has a yearly enrollment this year of 8,600 students from more than 110 countries and 6,000 participants in executive education programs. The school has six campuses around the world (Lyon, Saint-Étienne, Casablanca, Shanghai, Paris, Bhubaneswar), a network of 190 international academic partners, and an active community of 32,000 alumni in 130 countries. emlyon business school's mission is to foster “makers”, as forward-thinking actors of the transformation who draw connections, create, think positive, take action, and share values as part of a collaborative approach. This notion of “makers” reflects emlyon business school'svision of entrepreneurs who try things, experiment, make mistakes, start over, and learn as they go. Students at emlyon business school develop these skills through next-generation teaching methods that combine top-notch academic research and dissemination with the creation of innovative learning pathways.

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