Jean-Luc Arrègle, Associate Dean for Research at emlyon business school, has just been awarded as Top cited Author by the Journal of Management Studies. His academic article published in Journal of Management Studies stands out as one of the most widely read JMS papers. It has received enough downloads to rank within the top 10% of papers published in 2022 by this journal.

  • About the article:
    Alvaro Curevo-Cazurra; Patricio Duran; Jean-Luc Arrègle; Marc Van Essen (2022)
    Host Country Politics and Internationalization: A Meta-Analytic Review
    Journal of Management Studies, 60 (1)
  • About the Journal of Management Studies:
    JMS is a globally respected, multidisciplinary business and management journal with a long-established history of excellence in management research. They publish innovative empirical and conceptual articles which advance the fields of management and organization, welcoming contributions relevant to organization theory, organizational behavior, human resource management, strategy, international business, entrepreneurship, innovation and critical management studies.

Jean-Luc Arrègle teaches Strategy and International Strategy at emlyon business school. His areas of research focus on semi-globalization strategies, strategies of family firms and the role of institutions in the strategic choices of companies.
He is a member of several editorial boards: Strategic Organization, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, MIR, RFG... He has published articles in several French and international academic journals.