Chaque année, les participantes et participants de l'International MBA d'emlyon forment une classe d'environ 35 à 40 personnes originaires de nombreux pays du monde. Ces jeunes professionnels, très appréciés pour leur engagement et leur état d'esprit, travaillent afin d'obtenir leur diplôme dans notre École. Ce sont au total plus de 20 nationalités différentes qui rejoignent les bancs de l'International MBA pour un programme intensif de 11 mois, de septembre à juillet. À la fin de leur formation, ils intègrent des entreprises internationales en France et à travers le monde. Depuis son lancement, de nombreux alumni de ce programme ont activement contribué au développement et à la réussite de leurs employeurs.

The 2023-2024 cohort

Participants of the 2023-2024 cohort underwent a thorough selection process based on their strong academic proficiency, professional diversity, and cultural backgrounds. Each participant brings extensive expertise in areas such as business development, finance, engineering, product and project management, marketing, sciences, law, in diverse sectors such as hospitality or luxury goods.

Throughout their journey at emlyon, they develop fundamental skills in strategy and management, enhance their leadership, and cultivate interpersonal skills, enabling them to work effectively in a constantly evolving intercultural environment. Through this program, they also gain a dual business expertise, complementing their core disciplines (finance, engineering, computer science, logistics, marketing). This dual competence empowers them to leverage their cross-functional skills to address the diverse needs of businesses.

Upon completion of this program, International MBA participants are well-equipped to take on roles in project management, international development supervision, marketing, business development, financial control, CSR projects, consulting, and more.

Discover the international candidates

To assist you in selecting and recruiting candidates best suited to your global projects, explore the profiles of emlyon business school international candidates in our Portfolio and do not hesitate to contact us during this process should you have any question about them.

This document introduces each participant and allows you to access to their LinkedIn profiles and contact details.

Discover the International MBA Profiles’ Portfolio

Participants from the class of 2023-2024 will be available from late June 2024, for full-time or part-time positions, and for some of them, internships.

How to recruit these profiles?

To meet your needs, emlyon's Career Center can assist you in assessing this pool of talents. We invite you to collaborate with our teams according to your country, industry, and company size.

Contact our teams to:

  • Introduce your company: its missions, values, recruitment processes, etc.
  • Share potential job offers in the short or medium-long term
  • Offer an internship: this solution allows you to experiment their skills and enhance your employer brand with our school
  • Participate in an ELP (Entrepreneurial Leadership Project): benefit from expert advice for a project on a specific topic according to your needs over a duration of 6 months.

Unlock your company and its global business potential with emlyon's International MBA candidates!

If you wish to go further and publish job offers, internships or projects for your company or develop your visibility with our students, please contact us:

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