This year's Careers Forum, an essential recruitment event at emlyon, took place on January 8, 9, 10, 2024, on the Lyon-Écully campus, followed by an online day on January 11 on the Talentspace platform. Nearly 160 companies actively engaged in the forum, extending diverse opportunities to students across various sectors like agri-food, energy, transportation, consulting, construction, luxury, and cosmetics. These recruiters aimed to connect with their future talents among the many students present.

An annual meeting for recruiters and emlyon students

Returning for the 2024 edition, the Careers Forum has proven to be a hub of opportunities. Students from the Program Grande Ecole, Global BBA, as well as specialized Masters and Masters of Science, attended the event in search of internships, apprenticeships, or VIE (Volunteering for International Experience) positions, engaging with numerous participating companies.

From the corporate standpoint, the event played a crucial role in recruiting new talents, underscoring the diversity and richness of profiles showcased at the emlyon Careers Forum.

"I was very impressed by the high-quality profiles I met, with individuals at various stages of their professional journeys, from young professionals to those with extensive experience and valuable skills, including those from Masters or MBA programs," shared Angelina POLI, Director of HR Consulting and Support at Malakoff Humanis, and an emlyon alumna.

Alice LAURENT, Talent Acquisition Specialist at L'Oréal France

"We find that emlyon profiles are excellent. The students are always very curious, asking relevant questions, and we can already see that they have the right responses when it comes to interacting with companies. So, we think it's great."

The last edition on the Ecully campus

This last edition also marked the final chapter of the Careers Forum on the Lyon-Écully campus. Starting next year, the event will be held at the new emlyon campus, located in the 7th arrondissement in the heart of Lyon, representing the fifth largest event venue in the city. The forum carried a nostalgic touch for some alumni, who returned for the last time to represent their companies on the school's historic campus, where they studied and also experienced memorable moments! This Careers Forum thus allowed them to bid farewell to this place filled with memories, all while embracing the prospects of the new emlyon campus.

Exploring industry diversity and global perspectives

Companies from various sectors actively participated in the event, boasting notable names such as Panzani, Mondelez, and O'Tacos Corporation in the agri-food sector, Intermarché and Prosol in retail, and Engie in energy. The luxury domain was epresented by Hermès, and the cosmetic sector showcased the presence of the L'Oréal group. The event featured a dedicated day for the audit and consulting sectors on Wednesday, January 10, with industry leaders including Deloitte, KPMG, Accenture, PwC France, and Capgemini. Noteworthy was the debut of Air France and SNCF, representing the transportation sector.

The overall scope of the event expanded this year with active participation from international companies and international students. Companies recruiting globally were easily identifiable with a sign indicating "International Recruiter" at their booths."

Spotlight on career opportunities and employability

The Careers Forum serves as a platform to delve into topics surrounding employability. Companies such as Coca-Cola, Danone, L'Oréal, and EY presented insights into their organizations and unveiled job offerings for students during dedicated conferences.

Additionally, students had the chance to participate in coaching workshops with professionals to receive guidance on their resumes, refine their communication skills, and build their networks. Over 200 individual coaching sessions were offered to students on-site during the event.

Welcoming newcomers at the Careers Forum

The 2024 edition also welcomed new participants, including Thales Group, Plastic Omnium, Intermarché Alimentaire International, Panzani, Coca Cola, Groupe Bernard Hayot, Elis Services, as well as SNCF and Air France. Their inaugural presence infused the event with renewed dynamism, granting emlyon students access to a more extensive array of professional opportunities and career pathways.

emlyon business school : Careers Forum 2024

The success of the 2024 Careers Forum not only marked the conclusion of an era at the Écully campus but also signaled the start of a promising new chapter on the forthcoming campus . This transition solidifies the Careers Forum's position as an indispensable cornerstone for employability at emlyon, playing a pivotal role in fostering sustainable synergies between key players in education and the professional world.

"The 2024 edition of the Careers Forum stands as a model of collective success, both in terms of the number of registered companies and the diversity of offerings. Over 600 professionals had the opportunity to engage with approximately 1300 students over the course of the 4-day forum. This year, the vibrant atmosphere was fueled by a substantial number of new companies and the international nature of the forum. We look forward to welcoming both companies and students next year in the pulsating heart of our new campus, located in the economic hub of the city of Lyon," concluded Raphaël LE MAROIS, Employer Relations Officer and organizer of the 2024 Careers Forum.

A visual recup of the 2024 Careers Forum

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