3,000 learners will soon start their emlyon business school program, online or on campuses.

emlyon business school under the banner of the UN's 12th SDG for 2022-2023

When turning into a société à mission in July 2021, emlyon did assert its mission of general interest in its legal status and shall from now on, include social responsibility to all its programs and activities. With this perspective, the next September's intake will be built around the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and more specifically, the 12th SDG aiming at “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns”. Courses, partnerships, conferences and gatherings you may attend when making your first steps into emlyon, shall give you the tools and skills to allow you to act and provide solutions to some of the most pressing issues on our planet.

emlyon business school and its staff are looking forward to welcoming all learners and students within the next few weeks!