Since 1993, the emlyon business school foundation has been helping students facing financial hardship with scholarships and ad-hoc grants from an emergency fund. In response to the health and economic crisis affecting the country, which is creating economic difficulties for some students, the emlyon foundation has created an exceptional €200K emergency fund to help students in distress. The fund normally offers €60K per year, so this is now the largest amount a higher education institution has requested from the Fondation de France.

The foundation will examine all requests through a specific process that will be shared with students in the coming days.

Analysis of their family and financial situation will allow us to provide ad hoc assistance to make students' lives easier during this period, while remaining in close contact with them and offering individualized support” says Bénédicte Bost, Director of Internal Communications and CSR.

Helping our students through difficult circumstances

The wellness center by Apicil was inaugurated in September 2018 as the concrete representation of a program that has existed at emlyon business school since 2015. Its mission is to support students facing academic or emotional difficulties stemming from personal, family, psychological, or medical problems.

Wellness center by Apicil staff are working particularly hard during this confinement period to help struggling students through a weekly support program with online support groups and videos on how to cope with the confinement. Week after week, these tools offer students specific ways to deal with the physical and psychological effects they are experiencing thanks to lectures and Q&A sessions.

Support from the alumni community

Engaged and supportive emlyon alumni have also taken action by calling on their community to reach out to isolated students in need who request assistance, in France and abroad.

With this “emlyon solidaire” initiative, the school is offering financial and emotional support to allow students to continue their studies during this time of crisis by prioritizing health and solidarity.tions soutenues par la Direction d'emlyon, en étroite collaboration avec son écosystème et les associations étudiantes.

About emlyon business school

Founded in 1872 by the Lyon CCI, emlyon business school has a yearly enrollment of 8,600 students from more than 110 countries and 6,000 participants in continuing education programs. The school has six campuses around the world (Lyon, Saint-Étienne, Casablanca, Shanghai, Paris, Bhubaneswar), a network of 190 international academic partners, and an active community of 32,000 alumni in 130 countries.

emlyon business school's mission is to foster “early makers”: forward-thinking change agents who draw connections, create, think positive, take action, and share values as part of a collaborative approach. This notion of “early makers” reflects emlyon business school's vision of entrepreneurs who try things, experiment, make mistakes, start over, and learn as they go. Students at emlyon business school develop these skills through next-generation teaching methods that combine top-notch academic research and dissemination with the creation of innovative learning pathways. #earlymakers