Associate Professor

IREGE: French Doctoral Diploma in Business Management


Research topics

1. The use of marketing communication tools to reduce intentions to waste food

2. Impact of misshapen produce on store image and intentions to waste food

3. Imagination and its role in food consumption and craving

4. Understanding wise consumers

Prices and awards

Thomas C. Kinnear Award
Journal of Public Policy & Marketing Editorial Review Board for the article that has made a lasting contribution in the area marketing and public policy



  • AMA
  • AFM

Communications & Seminars

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  • Birau, M. M.,Dadzie C(May 2019)“Social Marketing Tools to Reduce Food Waste at Point of Sale” part of Special Session “Le marketing pour changer les comportements alimentaires… en mieux!” (Marketing to change the food behaviors in better),Congrès de l'Association Française du Marketing (AFM Conference),Le Havre, France
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