Catherine PARDO

Professor level 1

Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches en Sciences de Gestion


Research topics

1. B2B marketing

2. Key account management

3. Inter-company intermediation

4. B2B marketing organisations



  • Qualified Personality on the Trade Concertation Committee
  • Qualified personality within the Commission des Comptes Commerciaux de la Nation (National Commercial Accounts Commission)

Communications & Seminars

  • Pardo, C. & Dessaigne, E. (2017). B2B distributors as possible network stewards. Communication to the 8th BMM-EMAC Biennial International Conference on Business Market Management, Graz, Austria. 6-8 july2017
  • Michel, S., Saucede, F. & Pardo, C. (2017). Changing positions in distribution networks: the role of legitimacy. Communication to the Conference Bringing IT to Marketing, Paris, France. 29-30 may2017
  • Pardo, C. & Dessaigne, E. (2015). Dynamics within a distribution network. Communication to the 31st IMP Conference, Kolding, Denmark.
  • Niersbach, B., Ivens, B. S., Pardo, C. & Leischnig, A. (2015).Managing internal network activities in Key Account Management – a case study.Communication to the 31st IMP Conference, Kolding, Denmark.
  • Niersbach, B., Ivens, B. S., Pardo, C. & Leischnig, A. (2015).Key Account Management (KAM) and competitive advantage.Communication to theInternational Competitiveness Management Conference, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Ivens, B. S., Leischnig, A., Niersbach, B., & Pardo, C. & (2015).The Dual Network Perspective on Key Account Management: KAM as organizational capability for managing the interface between customer-side network and supplier-side network. Communication to the 7th BMM Confrence, London, UK.
  • Cova, B., Pardo, C., Salle, R. & Spencer, R. (2014), coping with recurring issues in BtoB research: The Sisyphus effect? Or a rolling stone syndrome? 30th IMP Conference, Bordeaux, France.
  • Portier, P., Pardo, C. & Salle, R. (2014), From Dyad to triad: Managing differentiated Vs undifferentiated relationships, 30th IMP Conference, Bordeaux, France.
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  • Ivens, B., Leischnig, A., Niersbach, B. & Pardo, C. (2014), "Key Account Managers‘ internal tasks inside their company – a case study“, ISBM Academic Conference, San Francisco, USA.
  • Pardo, Catherine & Michel, Sylvie (2013). “Interconnections in the “producer / wholesaler /customer” triadic relationship. The case of fresh fruit and vegetable wholesaling in France”. 29th IMP Conference, Atlanta, USA.
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  • Pardo, Catherine (2011), " Wholesaling: Exploiting Activity Links and Resource Ties with Suppliers and Customers”,27th IMP Conference,Glascow, Scotland.
  • Pardo, Catherine, Philippe Portier & Robert Salle (2011), "Integrating Marketing and Purchasing within the same company: A case study”,27th IMP Conference,Glasgow, Scotland.