Associate Professor

Research center : Lifestyle



Research topics

1. Markets

How do markets emerge and evolve over time?

2. Taste and expertise

How do experts participate in market dynamics, taste shaping, and changes in consumers' aesthetic preferences?

3. Images

How to produce and analyze visual data to investigate production and consumption practices? How to translate words into images to create visual research outputs?

Prices and awards

Best Special Session Award
CCT Conference
Travel grants
1000 dollars and 600 dollars
AFM-FNEGE Best Dissertation Award



  • Consumer Culture Theory
  • Alcor Institute
  • Association Française de Marketing (French Marketing Association)

Communications & Seminars

  • 2018, Pomiès Anissa and Zeynep Arsel, Performative Market Interactions and the Shaping of Taste Regimes, CCT Conference, July, Odense. (competitive paper)
  • 2018, Pomiès Anissa and Vivien Blanchet, Unpacking market calculative spaces: the qualification of food products, CCT Conference, July, Odense. (special session)
  • 2018, Pomiès Anissa, Roundtable: A Canon of Classics: Reimagining Undisciplined Paths, CCT Conference, July 2018, Odense. (roundtable)
  • 2018, Pomiès Anissa and Zeynep Arsel, How professional experts and lay consumers re-align taste practices, Taste Research Day, April 25, Lyon.
  • 2018, Pomiès Anissa, A flat theorization of niche market emergence, Scientific Conference on Eating and Drinking, April, Institut Paul Bocuse, Lyon.
  • 2018, Pomiès Anissa, Niche market emergence: a flat theorization, Invitation for a talk at Skema, Janvier 2018, Lille.
  • 2017, Pomiès, Anissa “Painting as a method”, CCT Conference, July 9-12, Anheim, California, USA. (Special Session)
  • 2017, Pomiès, Anissa, “Atlas: a visual method for flat ontologies”, Visualizing Research Day, Mai 10, Lyon, France.
  • 2017, Pomiès, Anissa “The emergence of Hermesian markets”, Consumer and Consumption Symposium @ Yale, March 31, New Heaven, Connecticut, USA.
  • 2016, Pomiès, Anissa “Behind the Scenes of Market Emergence”, Seminar at Schulich School of Business, December 15, Toronto, Canada.
  • 2016, Pomiès, Anissa,“Methodological insights to study practices through visual data”, CCT Conference, July 6-9, Lille, France. (Competitive track)
  • 2016, Pomiès, Anissa and Zeynep Arsel, “There is Disputing about Taste: Genealogy of a Contested Concept”, CCT Conference, July 6-9, Lille, France. (Special session)
  • 2016, Pomiès, Anissa, “Comprendre la création des marchés par l'analyse de situations performatives. Une étude du marché descoffee shopsen France. ”, Conférence AFM, May 18-21, Lyon, France.
  • 2015, Pomiès, Anissa, “The role of experts in taste creation and in market shaping”, Conférence AFM, May 20 – 22, Marrakech, Marocco.
  • 2014, Pomiès, Anissa and Elisabeth Tissier-Desbordes, “The expertise situation as a taste regime. An ethnography of coffee contests”, Journées Normandes de Recherches sur la Consommation, November 27 – 28, Rouen, France.
  • 2014, Pomiès, Anissa, Elisabeth Tissier-Desobrdes and Luca Visconti, “Serve Me the Perfect Coffee: Taste Regime as Relational and Embodied Practice”, CCT Conference, June 26 – 29, Helsinki, Finland. (competitive track)
  • 2014, Pomiès, Anissa, “Expertise”, watercolor, 30X30cm, CCT Conference, June 26 – 29, Helsinki, Finland. (art gallery)
  • 2013, Pomiès, Anissa, “The embeddedness of experts in the specialty coffee world”, CCT Conference, June 13 - 16, Tucson – Arizona, USA. (Colloque doctoral).
  • 2013, Pomiès, Anissa, “How experts are produced and how do experts co-produce products? The case of coffee”, Conférence AFM, May 15 - 17, La Rochelle, France. (colloque doctoral)
  • 2012, Pomiès, Anissa, “The expert, a figure of persuasion”, Journée d'étude sur les techniques du faire-croire (labex hastec), June 21 - 22, Paris, France.
  • 2012, Pomiès, Anissa, “The production of experts and what experts produce”, EMAC, May 22 - 25, Lisbon, Portugal (colloque doctoral).