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Strategy & Organization

Thème de recherche

1. Organization theory

2. Economic sociology

3. Social evaluation

4. Institutional change

5. Non-market strategy

6. Organizational identity

7. Professions

Prix et récompenses

IACMR Biennial Conference Best Reviewer Award
2017 & 2018
AOM MOC Best Reviewer Award
2015 & 2016
AOM OMT ABCD Reviewing Award



  • Strategic Management
  • International Strategy
  • Organization Theory
  • Research Design

Comités éditoriaux

Editorial Review Board Member of Organization Studies, Management and Organization Review, Entrepreneurship Research Journal


  • Academy of Management
  • European Group for Organizational Studies
  • International Association for Chinese Management Research
  • Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics
  • Strategic Management Society

Articles académiques

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