It is with great anticipation and excitement that we announce emlyon business school's new Summer Schools focused on the sport industry kicking-off July 2022. This unique format will provide participants an insight into the challenges facing the sport industry and its management, a unique opportunity to meet with renowned experts in the field, and lastly a chance to build or expand a professional network in this sector.

The two Summer Schools are uniquely designed for different audiences: an executive audience will benefit from the Executive Sport Industry Summer School and a student audience is meant for the Sport Industry Summer School.

Executive Sport Industry Summer School

This Executive Education program is meant for sport managers, athletes in transition, or leaders seeking a deeper understanding of the latest developments in sports. The objectives of this summer school are to provide managers working in the sport industry with an opportunity to update their knowledge, to give transitioning athletes an insight into the business and management of sport, and to provide managers outside of the industry with an introduction to the issues and challenges facing sports.

Throughout 5 days on our Paris campus, participants will:

  • Gain detailed insights into data and digital developments in the sport industry, and what they mean for leadership and management
  • Examine and explore opportunities for performance and innovation in the sport industry
  • Understand environmental challenges facing sport and establish more sustainable approaches to delivering sports
  • Identify the challenges posed by sport's geopolitical economy and establish what this means for sports
  • Analyze the process of consumer engagement and determine what this means for the development of partnerships and other commercial activities

This program is fully taught in English from July 4th to July 8th,2022 on the emlyon Paris campus.

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Sport Industry Summer School

The objective of the program is to provide those interested in sport with an introduction to key topics in the field of sport industry and management. The Sport Industry Summer School is a perfect introductory program to then join the MSc in Sports Industry Management in September.

Throughout 10 days, between Paris and Lyon, the program will provide:

  • An introduction to some of the most important issues and challenges currently facing sport; including event management, sport business management, governance and the social role of sports
  • A learning experience that involves presentation by experts in the field of sport
  • A series of visits to leading organizations in the sport industry
  • A series of visits to sports stadiums, facilities and other relevant venues
  • An approach that combines both global and local insights
  • An opportunity to engage and network with other participants who are interested in sports
  • A program of study delivered in one of the world's most important cities for sport (Paris) and in a region with a world-leading reputation for promoting the social development of sport (Lyon)

This program is fully taught in English from July 18th to July 29th,2022 on emlyon's Paris and Lyon campuses.

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