Assistant Professor

Research center : Lifestyle et AIM Value

Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology and Methodology of Social Research


Research topics

1. Digital consumer cultures and their transformations

2. How digital platforms, algorithms and technostructures affect consumption practices

3. How to study social phenomena and markets through digital data: methodological and epistemological issues in qualitative, quantitative and Big Data research

4. Social distinction, cultural taste and symbolic boundaries in the digital age

5. The role of situational factors in consumption practices

Prices and awards

ECSR Dissertation of the Year Award
Doctoral thesis (“Digital distinction. Studying musical taste through digital methods”) nomination


Communications & Seminars Top

  • “Digital Consumer Culture Theory”, roundtable at CCTC 2018, SDU, Odense. June 2018, 29.
  • “Digital Traces of Musical Taste. Taste Publics, Taste Regimes & Digital Methods”, conference presentation at Taste Research Day, emlyon business school, Lyon. April 2018, 25.
  • “Making sense of digital data using Visual Network Analysis”, seminar, Digital Research Methods Workshop, Lifestyle Research Center, emlyon business school. Dec 2017, 5.
  • “Algorithmic Lifestyles”, conference presentation, Digital Lifestyles Research Day, Lifestyle Research Center, emlyon business school. Dec 2017, 4.
  • “Belonging without believing? A digital investigation of a Church without God”, conference presentation, ISSR 2017, University of Lausanne. July 2017, 4. With F. Molteni.
  • “Reading Wittgenstein between the Texts”, conference presentation, Distant Reading and Data-Driven Research in the History of Philosophy, University of Turin, Jan 2017, 17. With M. Santoro, E. Riviera.
  • “Tastes and reception practices of Italian music listeners on YouTube”, conference presentation, YouTube Conference 2016, Middlesex University, London. Sep 2016, 23.
  • “Using social media data in political and cultural studies”, seminar, PomLab, Università degli Studi di Milano. Jun 2016, 16.
  • “Youtube and the user-generated music categories”, conference presentation, IASPM International Conference, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication. Nov 2014, 6-7. With A. Gandini, D. Beraldo.
  • “Ethnography and the Digital Field: between Text and Context”, conference presentation, ESA Midterm Conference “#ethnography: Trends, Traverses and Traditions”. Universiteit Van Amsterdam, Amsterdam Institute for Social Science Research. Aug 2014, 27-29.
  • “Digital Ethnography: A toolbox for investigating online consumer tribes”, seminar, Copenhagen Business School, Mar 2012, 21-22. With A. Caliandro.