Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Economics

Accounting & Corporate Finance

Research topics

1. Reference-dependent preferences

2. Loss aversion

3. Inattention

4. Dynamic investment decisions

5. Strategic thinking

6. Private information

Prices and awards

USA National Science Foundation Grant
Doctoral Dissertation Research in Decision, Risk and Management Sciences
Bourse d'études
2009 - 2011
Marco Fanno


Communications & Seminars

  • 2019: NYUAD International Symposium in Experimental Economics, Asia-Pacific Meeting of the Economic Science Association
  • 2018: WESSI Lite Workshop, Southern Europe Experimental Team Meeting, Foundations of Utility and Risk, Economic Science Association World Meeting
  • 2017: University of Amsterdam, NYUAD 2nd Annual Research Poster Day
  • 2016: Midwest Macro Meetings, Missouri Valley Economics Association Annual Conference, Experimental Finance North American Meeting (Tucson), Southern Economics Association Annual Meetings
  • 2015: AEA Meetings, Virginia Commonwealth University, Utah State, Victoria University, Tsinghua University
  • 2014: Santa Clara University, University of Technology Sydney, New York University, Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance, Bay Area Behavioral and Experimental Economics Workshop, Yale Whitebox Advisors Graduate Student Conference, Experimental Finance, Foundations of Utility and Risk
  • 2013: Economic Science Association North America Meetings, Western Economics Association International Annual Conference, Bay Area Behavioral and Experimental Economics Workshop
  • 2012: Bay Area Behavioral and Experimental Economics Workshop