Professeur Niveau 2

Habilitation / Livre Docencia : USP-Université de Sao Paulo

Operations, Data & Artificial Intelligence (ODAI) for business

Thèmes de recherche

1. Organizations and the Circular Economy

2. Sustainable Production

3. Sustainable business models in emerging markets

4. Green supply chains

5. Green critical human factors

6. Social issues in supply chains

Prix et récompenses

Best Paper Award
Sustainable and Responsible Business, British Academy of Management (BAM) for a paper on ‘Stakeholders, organizations, and climate change’, UK
ISI Web of Knowledge Highly Cited Articles (Top 1%)
For the paper 'Green Human Resource Management and Green Supply Chain Management: linking two emerging agendas', ISI Web of Knowledge Essential Science Indicators
ISI Web of Knowledge Highly Cited Articles (Top 1%)
For the paper ‘Selecting green suppliers based on GSCM practices’, ISI Web of Knowledge Essential Science Indicators



  • British Academy of Management
  • EUROMA Sustainability Forum

Communications et Séminaires

  • Lopes de Sousa Jabbour, Ana Beatriz; Vazquez-Brust, Diego; Ribeiro, Daniela; Chiappetta Jabbour, Charbel Jose. 2019. Orchestrating stakeholders, resources and capabilities towards low-carbon operational strategies: framing the relationships. British Academy of Management, 2019, Aston - UK. Awarded: Best Paper in Sustainable and Responsible Management.
  • Jackson, Susan; Jiang, Yuan; Shim, Hanbo; Budhwar, Pawan ; Renwick, Douglas ; Chiappetta Jabbour, Charbel Jose ; Lopes de Sousa, Jabbour, Ana Beatriz ; Camen-Mueller, Michael ; Wagner, Marcus ; Tang, Guiyao ; Kim, Andrea. 2019. Collectivism and the social dynamics of discretionary environmental behavior at work. Academy of Management (AoM) Annual Conferece, Proceedings, 2019 (1): 13250, Abstract
  • Lopes de Sousa Jabbour, Ana; Vazquez, Diego; Chiappetta Jabbour, Charbel Jose; Latan, Hengky. 2015. External GSCM and Environmental Performance of Brazilian Companies. Academy of Management (AoM) Annual Conference, Proceedings, 2015, Abstract